July 13, 2010


Today I had my first session of colon hydrotherapy.


How it works: Using filtered, temperature-regulated water directly into the colon, excess waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. They recommend at least three visits to rid the colon of accumulated waste.

Why it works: The contents of the colon are quickly and easily absorbed by the body. This means that the toxins from built up waste are spreading through the body, causing all sorts of ailments, mild or severe. Colon cleansing aids in this detoxification process, and they also claim to make other health procedures more effective.

Colonics can be helpful with the following:
> fatigue > headaches
> skin problems > aches in your joints
> constipation > diarrhea
> weight gain > cold hands & feet
> loss of memory > colon cancer
> mineral depletion > arterial congestion
> low sex drive > brittle nails and hair
> back pain > & more!

Even people in generally good health report higher energy levels, clearer skin, brighter eyes, relief from gas and an overall better working bowel.

I can't say I really enjoyed myself. The whole process was uncomfortable (though not physically painful) and embarrassing. Having said that, I am going to try it a couple more times and see how I feel. I already feel a bit more energized and my stomach feels flatter. Toxicity is one theory for why inflammatory problems arise, and I believe that could be the case with my situation.

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