July 20, 2010


I just picked up a German natural health product called Wobenzym. This stuff sells like crazy in Germany, more than even Advil & Tylenol. It is supposed to help with all sorts of ailments involving inflammation or immune function, and the great news is that it exhibits no reported side effects whatsoever. It's completely safe to try! It contains plant-based and animal-based enzymes.

It works by a mechanism called systemic enzyme support. Enzymes are proteins that aid in biochemical reactions. There thousands of enzymes naturally occurring in the body, each with a specific function. Enzymes can significantly reduce the amount of energy needed by the body for these vital reactions to take place. They can also help with managing the balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the blood. An imbalance can contribute to chronic inflammation, tissue damage, allergies, atopy and more. Enzymes activate a plasma glycoprotein which binds to and removes excessive cytokines. This supports a balanced and functioning immune system, and so the healing process can begin.

Systemic enzyme support has helped people with nervous system disorders, respiratory problems, urinary conditions, and of course joint issues. It has also been shown to help in conjunction with other treatments, like promoting faster healing in sports injuries and with skin conditions.

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